The Lounge Shampoo Backwash Unit is built with client comfort and total relaxation in mind. The sturdy fiberglass base, thick cushion, adjustable leg rest and extra wide arms give the Lounge Backwash its distinctive look as well as unmatched support, stability and comfort. The fiberglass base not only offers great stability, it has a built in shampoo well that keeps your bottles out of the way and your work area clutter free. The black porcelain shampoo bowl comes outfitted with a dual function spray hose, single lever hot and cold faucet and vacuum breaker. In order to assist with the weight of your clients head, this backwash unit features an ergonomically designed head rest with an anti-bacterial rubber cover that offers supreme support. The Lounge Backwash Shampoo unit is sure to make be a favorite with your stylists and your clients.LOUNGE-SHAMPOO-BACKWASH2


  • Built for Extreme Comfort & Relaxation
  • Fiberglass Base with Built in Shampoo Well
  • Adjustable Legrest & Footrest
  • Extra Wide Seat w/ High Density Foam Cushion
  • Dual Function Spray Hose & Single Lever Hot/Cold Fixture


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